Geze01The panic lock IQ lock AUT fulfils the whole range of safety and comfort demands made on full panic doors with automatic door leaves on both sides. The multifunction system solution allows both door leaves to be opened and unlocked by means of a motor. At the same time, they can be unlocked mechanically in the event of an emergency thanks to the full panic function. After passing through the door, the self-locking function ensures that the door is locked and thus the insurance protection is guaranteed. Double-leaf full panic emergency exit doors can be used across their full width as an RWA fresh air solution and for barrier free passage in automatic mode.  The motor-driven release and opening of the active and fixed leaf is carried out in less than two seconds. Parallel to this, both door leaves on full panic emergency exit doors can be unlocked in an emergency by pressing the panic bar, so that buildings can be evacuated quickly and safely or access to secured areas can be opened. Every time the doors are closed both door leaves are automatically locked, providing reliable burglar resistance and insurance-compliant protection.

If at certain times – during daytime operation for example – insurance-compliant locking is not necessary, the „permanently open“ function allows the lock components to be permanently unlocked. This way, the door drives are activated very quickly, for example via a radar detector or an access control system, and both door leaves open quickly and conveniently for a barrier-free passage.


Automatic swing doors with self-locking panic locks in the Zamenhof Nursing Home, Stuttgart, Germany
Dirk Wilhelmy for GEZE GmbH
Image rights: GEZE GmbH


Image rights: GEZE GmbH

Thanks to the numerous combination options, door systems with the IQ lock AUT can be planned providently with multiple requirements. An access control system, a smoke and heat extraction system (RWA), an emergency exit system (RWS) and a swing door drive can all be integrated into one overall door system, for example. In the direction of emergency exit, the full panic function guarantees authorised passing of the door in normal mode and free passing in an emergency at all times. Authorised passage against the direction of emergency.


Active leaf of a double-leaf automatic swing door with the self-locking panic lock IQ lock AUT from GEZE
Image rights: GEZE GmbH