WolfWe all know Aesop tale of the shepherd boy who repeatedly tricked his nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his flock. When one actually did appear and the boy again called for help, the villagers did not come thinking that it was another „false alarm“ and all sheep were eaten by the wolf.

The moral of this Story is obvious: False alarms have the potential to divert emergency responders away from legitimate emergencies, which could ultimately lead to loss of life. In some cases, repeated false alarms in a certain area may cause occupants to start to ignore all alarms, knowing that each time it will probably be false. Just one terrifying number from the US, nearly 98% of all burglar alarms are false alarms!

Unfortunately nearly every fence or wall detection system is based on an active alarm triggering concept of the kind that a field is created which has to be passed in a way or another or linear light conductors, microphones, seismic sensors, or micro switches are responsible for the triggering system.

These induction principals do have in common that they are extremely vulnerable for environmental influences like weather conditions (sand storm, rain, wind, etc.) animals or simply just the daily influence of the working staff around the perimeter.

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Picture: Feldhaus Uhlenbrock, Zaunsysteme

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Picture: Feldhaus Uhlenbrock, Zaunsysteme

To avoid all this, the patented  FU-Fence and FU-Wall detection system with its unique detection and self-adjusting sensor technology, is designed to avoid all of this and offers the end user one of the lowest false alarm rates in the market and in addition the highest detection resolution of 2,50m.

Till today many governmental, military, and major industrial clients do rely on this unique system to protect their high security areas.

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