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The definition „ship security“ refers not only  to an accident, but also to the protection of the ship, its passengers and goods against piracy. In the most notorious waters off Somalia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, but also in the Caribbean, not only the merchant ships has to fear attacks. Meanwhile, luxurious private yachts attacked by terrorists, kidnappers, robbers and smugglers. Unfortunately, robbing, stealing, and kidnapping are already common practice, but also the ruthless killing people when pirates to board the ships.In such case if the crew and passengers has retired into security rooms (eg. secure machine room), the pirates often tries by fire to get them out. They want to gain the control of the ship.

This provides very high demands on the materials which be used in shipbuilding.


Picture: Gerhard Link

Here features on the basis of a wood-based, ecologically sustainable material named Delignit Protect 2.0 a variety of high security properties.

Some of the main properties of this material are:

  1. Fire protection: This material has a extremely good fire protection properties and is therefore very well suited for use in ship as a protective walls.
  2. Burglary protection: The material has burglary properties according to DIN EN 1627 up to class RC4.
  3. Bullet resistance: Depending on the requirements, Delignit can be used with and without composite materials as bullet-resistant material. For this purpose, there are a number of different certificates.
  4. Blast resistance: Delignit has also outstanding properties in the field of ​​explosive protection.

Picture: Delignit


Due to these properties it gives beside the ship building a variety of applications in the field of building security, vehicle security and personal security. The following applications are possible:

  • Banks
  • Hotels (e.g. presidential suites, etc.)
  • Panic rooms
  • Security doors and windows
  • container armoring
  • perimeter protection
  • and much more.

This „phenolic plywood“ is produced in sheets and can by simple methods such as sawing, milling, etc. are processed. No special machinery is necessary for the processing of the material. Carpentry or other processors is it possible without much effort to edit this material and bring it into the desired shape.

Architectural and joy of each designer, the material is in wood surface available in different variants. Whether in cherry wood with ornament deposits or even simply with beech wood surface – this material allows for any design option.

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Conclusion: An ecological material which possesses security properties, can be easily processed, compared to other materials has a light weight and still allows almost unlimited possibilities in architectural design, is definitely one worth considering.