The experience shows that especially during implementing a security concept (hotel, museums, private villas and exposed buildings, etc.) the fields of architecture, building technology and building security collide very often. Especially in architecture are being sought solutions, on the one hand preserve the aesthetics and also ensuring the required safety and building services functions.In my field (security planning) it is already important in the design of buildings that an accompanying consultation of all involved parties, such as developers, architects, engineers, and later the included companies takes place. Here are a few examples:

  • Advising the owners on the subject of preventive measures: for example, preventive landscape architecture
  • Advising the architect with respect to general building physical measures (burglary resistance, Bullet resistance, etc.)
  • Advising the building services engineers on the subject of maintaining operation of technical infrastructure such as Power supply, ventilation or air conditioning
  • and many more

In the graph shown below, I would like to draw attention to the problem which is prevails in some construction projects, and show what it takes to solve this problem.SIARCHTECH_E

My questions to colleagues in the field of security consulting:

What is your opinion on this issue?

Have you collected similar experiences?

Does the graph describes the problem?

I would look forward to your feedback:

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