Picture: Fa. Bandit

Today more and more residential and commercial buildings are equipped with the intrusion detection systems protection against burglary. These systems can only report a burglary to the police or security services.

After triggering the burglar alarm, the police need sometimes more than 20 minutes time to be at the site of the incident.  Thieves know this and require only a few minutes to steal  valuable items or destroy inventory.

Therefore mist generator systems are effective extensions to current intrusion detection systems. Theses Systems are triggered by the intrusion detection system and occur instantaneously with burglar alarm in action and intervention. This is the time that the police needed to be at that place.

We have found a company that has specialized in the production of this technology.  BANDIT AG since 1992 deals with the development and manufacture of devices of security fog technology.

Within a few seconds the BANDIT mist generator fills the secure area with a dense,
impenetrable fog.

– Tthe message is simple, the effec, highly efficient! –

There, where the burglar can not see anything, he can´t steal anything!

Theft and vandalism of stay!

Example: 60m ² room is completely filled in 6 seconds after alarm.)


For further infomation see the following link: BANDITGMBH

Our opinion: Mist systems are effective supplements to traditional security systems.


Author: Gerhard Link