August, I had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Michael Casati (CEO) and Mr. David Hari (Chairman of the Board) of traXess, a Swiss company dealing with the issue in Travel Security Business and offering corresponding products in this area.

Founded in 2001, traXess AG, a technology and consulting company, is well established in the field of Travel Security. Well-known large companies, distributed all over the world, are among the customers of the Swiss company.

Changing security situation

The security situation worldwide is constantly changing. The danger potential is no longer limited to just a few clearly identifiable hotspots. This has also changed the awareness of dealing with safety-critical situations and the possible effects. Even German, Austrian and Swiss companies, and above all many small and medium-sized enterprises, have to deal with the resulting requirements. The use of technical solutions for the prevention and support of their passengers is an option.

The trend towards simple, transparent and cost-effective service solutions is increasing, and precisely traXess is positioning itself with its modular solutions in the travel security sector and the consolidation of travel data.

Tracking – tracing – monitoring

traXess has a proprietary development: a parsing software that translates the travel data of every file format on the market into a usable standard format and integrates it into the security module. Regardless of whether the customer is booking through his favorite travel agency, or the traveler can book the trip on an internet portal, traXess can import the data. The classic tracking (instantaneous tracking) extends traXess by a tracing (tracking over time sequence) and thus enables a comprehensive monitoring (measurement, observation, supervision). The basis for this is the highest possible consolidation of customer data. Based on this basis, precise reports and reports for security and cost saving programs can also be presented.

Added value for clients

On the one hand, the clear benefit for the clients is reflected in the perceived perception and the daily implementation of their due diligence. On the other hand, the high quality of the database makes it possible to control the SLAs with the travel agencies or security and assistance service providers. In addition, data is always available at a high quality as a basis for important management decisions.

Assistance as required

It goes without saying that traXess has the essential partner interfaces in the 7/24 travel support area. With access to more than 425,000 service providers, the traXess partner Europ Assistance has the world’s largest safety and medical network.

It is unique that the clients of traXess can decide for each trip whether he wants to conclude an assistance package or not. He buys the product for a particular situation at a given time, without longer-term commitments. This way, the costs can also be kept within the framework.

CO2 and tax reporting

Since the travel data is already consolidated by means of traXess’s data solution, the clients can generate CO2 and tax reports from the same application. This means that a company can create the environmental footprint without additional effort, as well as indicate when the company is taxed per traveler in which country.

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