On Monday, 14.11.2016, the trainings of the tourism inspectors in Tunis began. During of total 18 training days, these inspectors will be trained in the field of security.

Tunisia has about 170 tourism inspectors, which are send out by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts to check tourism facilities according to legal regulations in terms of hygiene and security.

The target of this event is to train 20 tourism inspectors that they are able to train their other 150 colleagues on the subject of security.

For this purpose, a corresponding training concept was developed by the Gerhard Link security consulting, which is divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

In the theoretical section the individual chapters of the security handbook are discussed in the form of individual training modules. The participants are interactively involved in this training process. Each participant independently prepares for a specific training module and present it to the other participant. The entire event is guided and supported by a training referee of the Gerhard Link Security Consultung.

In workshops, the participants are given the opportunity to solve tasks either in individual work or in group work.

In the practical part of this course the participants can used the theoretical knowledge to apply it in practice. For this purpose they are visiting a hotel to check it according to the standards which they received by the training.They used as guide the checklist hotel, which has been create in addition to the security manual by the Gerhard Link Security Consulting.

It is also planned to carry out a refresher course in January 2017. Within the scope of this repetition, it is possible to exchange among themselves and to make the necessary adjustments due to the individual experience.

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