Smacs_logo_01The world-wide established SMACS solutions of the Swiss company FASTCOM are installed in two new data centers of a renowned financial institution in Niedersachsen, Germany. A total of six airlocks are equipped with the SMACS people and material anti-tailgating solutions and are in accordance with TÜV-IT Level 3 norm.

The flow of material generates security risks as the doors leading to the secured area must be opened and may permit unauthorized persons to enter. The operator of the data center in Niedersachsen, Germany, was well aware that physical security of entrances, exits and emergency exits for people flows as well as material flows is essential for ensuring a high-quality infrastructure.

The choice of SMACS solutions is an obvious decision as they optimally integrate with the access control and the door infrastructure. SMACS are high-performance and flexible anti-tailgating solutions that allow for secure material transport, avoiding the necessity to build a separate material entrance. Deliberately providing access to unauthorized persons is also prevented.

In the project, besides the installation of airlocks for people and small equipment, SMACS solutions for handling large equipment are also installed. These material airlocks allow for a secure and fully automated material access, while preventing persons to enter simultaneously through the material airlock.

„The data center operator already had experience with uncontrolled access of unauthorized persons. The SMACS solutions solve this Problem with flexibility and high-performance“ Eugen Zähler, Fastcom Technology

Thanks to the SMACS solutions, intervention by an operator is not needed, which relieves in particular the staff of the data center. The SMACS-solutions can fulfill and implement all the organizational needs of the user in a modular way, which is a further advantage for the data center operator (for more information, see

FASTCOM is a leading company in providing solutions against tailgating. Based in Switzerland, FASTCOM is an independent company which has been active for more than 15 years. Worldwide, renowned companies rely on FASTCOM for their security. For more information, please visit