Nomade HS14-2_01Also at the international security exhibition „Security 2014“ is the „mobile perimeter protection“ a big issue.

Companies like Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik will present their exhibition highlights around the temporarily protection of storage Areas.

By using laser scanners, video cameras and mobile technology transfer it is possible to monitor and to secure mobile objects.


Measurement principle of the Laser

In case of intrusion into these virtual security corridor, the offenders are identified by the laser and can also be tracked by video camera. The transmission of the alarm to the control center is occur by a secure mobile connection.



Using the video image, the security staff can decide what action should be taken.

Applications of mobile Perimeter protection:

  • In the military field as aircraft and vehicle protection or for the protection of mobile ammunition depots
  • construction site protection for the construction site machines
  • For transport companies as container security
  • For companies with material storage on the premises as material protection
  • etc.

You can find this technique is on the stand of the company  Fa. Heidemann Sicherheitselekrtonik (Halle 7 Stand 410G)

Movie: Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik

More information about virtual perimeter security can be found via the following link: