Mobile virtuelle PeritmeterabsicherungAs I told you before, I have visited the exhibition „Perimeter Protection 2014“  and myself intensively informed about the topic „virtual perimeter security“.

At the booth of Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik I got Information and explaination about the mobile version of perimeter protection.

The system combines video technology with the environmental influences virtually insensitive laser technology in one unit. This mobile system can be operated independently of a local power supply with battery cells.

Nomade HS14_eng.

System configuration mobile perimeter protection

The operating time of the system is variable by appropriate selection of battery cells. Whether the object has to be secured only for two days or for a long time – depending on the requirements appropriate batteries can be used  for adequate capacity.

The alarm messages or Perimeter injuries can be forwarded on different paths to the appropriate location (eg. security control center, police ….).

  1. Mobile radio transmission
  2. Cable transmission
  3. Pure radio transmission

Due to the number of prospects who have obtained information about this technique from the company Heidemann, there were interesting discussions about possible applications for these mobile outdoor protection system.

There were discussions about following applications::

  1. Building Site Fencing (Protection of construction equipment against theft, vandalism, etc.)
  2. Application in nuclear power plant (Protection of spent uranium, etc.)
  3. Mobile security of aircraft (eg President airplane for temporary protection during state visits).



    Protection of an aircraft with two mobile systems

  4. Rail: Protection of temporarily parked wagons against vandalism

    Vandalism and sabotage at parked wagons

  1. For Events to protect the equipment (Instruments, etc.)
  2. Savings of security staff

Permanently installed protection systems in combination with video and laser scanners can be used in perimeter areas as well as in-house systems.


  1. Facade protection (eg window and door protection)

    Facade protection

  2. Protection of roof windows
  3. Protection against climbing over fences
  4. Perimeter protection (freight forwarders, etc.)

    Perimeter protection of freight forwarder

  5. Protection of art treasures in museums
  6. etc.

This is a technology which is versatile. But in projects these systems should be checked if they correspond with the required performance. – -> Not everywhere, this technique is easily applicable!


  • Under very unfavorable topography (hills, ditches, etc.)
  • Extreme environmental conditions (very heavy fog, etc.)

More information at following link: Heidemann_logo