Sprengtest_2013Today I received the latest test results from the field of security metal construction and I want to inform you about it.

The company Sälzer from Marburg has completed a series of test product this year and has achieved amazing results.

The following tests have been passed successfully:

  1. Tested inward opening aluminium door: Blast trial tested with explosives of 50 kg and 100 kg in 15 m distance
  2.  Blast trials with glazed aluminum elements: Blast trial tested with explosives of 250 kg in 15 m distance
  3. Glazed aluminium windows: Resistance to tropical cyclones tested – It was a request from the petrochemical industry
  4. Blast trial of Aluminim windows in U.S. Army standard GSA Level 2
If you need more information so you can download them here:
Sälzer_Informationen_2013Company information is available at the following link: http://www.saelzer-security.com/