Feuersimulator_2Today I found a revolutionary world first, the

3D Fire Simulator  –

In the virtual three-dimensional training zone that recreates situations from a kitchen to a production hall, can become an extinguishing fires simulated and also a fire drill can be trained. Fire, smoke and extinguishing agent on a 3D projection are displayed digitally.

The following applications are possible with this system:

  •  on-site training in extinguishing fires in employees‘ own offices in the virtual world
  • training of fire-fighting strategies suited to the company
  • experience of emergencies without endangering those involved
  • analysis of potential fire damage before the incident occurs

The records kept by fire insurance companies show that two thirds of all businesses hit by a fully developed fire go bankrupt. Training in extinguishing fires is therefore an essential contribution to protection of property. Only properly trained employees can prevent or at least limit the extent of fire damage.

Rehearsing the procedure several times using simulated fires means that the tactics to adopt become automatic. For employees to be able to prevent fire damage at the company, or at least minimise it, they must receive the best possible training.

The employees achieve a high degree of learning success because procedures of varying difficulty can be trained and repeated. Records are kept of every practice so that they can be analysed afterwards.

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Conclusion: Its a technology with future