Security Industrial doors – also for the private sector


Picture: Protec Industrial Doors

Major role in the architectural design of facades have large industrial doors for a variety of applications – from aircraft hangars and warehouse entrances up to theaters and concert halls.

Disparate interests like wishes of functionality, aesthetics, form and safety requirements (burglary resistance, bullet resitance, blast resitance, fire protection, etc.) often collide with each other.

Is not available? – Is there yet!. We found it!

  • Burglar industrial doors up to RC6 (European standard)
  • Fire-resistant overhead doors with certification to EN 1634-1 and classification. NEN-EN 13501-2. to the highest classification EI1-60 (European standard)
  • Noise protection doors  32 dB to 50 dB, certified compliant with ISO 140-3:1995. Special applications up to 56 dB is possible (European standard)
  • Blast resistant doors
  • Fluid barriers

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Protec industrial doors -Advanced special door engineering

 Redakteur: Eugen Zähler