EMV TascheSamsung is reportedly planning to equip its smartphones in the future with a „kill switch“. This security feature used to make a smart phone completely useless. A corresponding feature had introduced Apple already in early June.

For private user is it a useful function as protection against theft, for security agencies is it a major challenges. Because if a smartphone is confiscated in connection with a criminal offense and to be fed a forensic investigation, it would be fatal for criminologists, if the data on the device could be rendered useless from the distance.

The EMshield GmbH has now been presented with „ARCTEC-CellStop“ a product line, that makes remote erase of mobile devices impossible. It start with the electromagnetically shielded smartphone pocket, over a cell phone garage up to a mobile test and measurement environment for forensic scientists, these are available solutions.

For the mobile test and measurement environment it is a small shielded bag with a special window, that allows the function with the touch screen. Using an integrated interface, data can be read out of the smartphone via USB 2.0. Also can be powered the unit. All this function can be used without the device leaves the protective shielding.

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