Prevention is a preventive measure in order to avoid an adverse event. Especially in the security advisory is the „predictive avoidance of problems“ the fundamental topic. Criminal activities such as break-ins, sabotage attacks, terrorist attacks, etc., should be nipped in the bud. For this purpose is preventive security measures necessary.

For me as a security consultant is the prevention very important, as these prevent damage before it occurs. For this purpose a security system has developed for the private sector by a integrator of SICK. This system includes different security components.


With this system is it possible to determine a precise a definition of the monitoring area

Particularly private persons living in detached houses or in somewhat remote locations and/or known to be affluent live with the risk of becoming victims of break-ins or robberies. This was precisely the reason why sensor solutions from SICK were used to develop by an integrator, specifically for this market segment, the LTS400 system solution consisting of an LMS laser detector, a dome camera, and special software.

For example, a pool area will be monitored, if this is not be used.

For example, a pool area will be monitored, if this is not be used.

LMS531 laser detector

LMS531 laser detector

The LMS actively “scans” a freely programmable area. As soon as a person enters the detection area, the laser detector sends a signal that can be used to trigger off different actions. They include notification of the center of operations of the surveillance unit or police force, the triggering of a silent alarm, a siren, lighting, or activation of a follow-up system for controlling dome cameras. One of the special features of this new system for private use is the fact that it is always comprised of at least one laser detector and one dome camera that operate together flawlessly. Any private person having it installed will thus be protected by one the most reliable protection systems that takes the sharpest images imaginable under all circumstances – i.e. even at night.

Like optical radar, the laser system scan their surroundings and measure distances by using the time-of-flight principle of measurement. The integrated rotating mirror creates a two-dimensional scan for freely defined protection areas.

  • Real-time monitoring up to 360°
  • Precise demarcation possible
  • Insensitive to interference from movements outside of the monitoring area
  • Blanking of certain areas possible
  • Simple adjustment to changes in monitoring conditions
  • Shape of monitoring areas can be defined by user as required
  • Coverage of large areas
  • Separate alarm signals and camera control
  • Can also be installed on buildings with adjacent monitoring areas

Better outside than inside

Inside protection systems trigger signals only when the perpetrator has already forced entry. This does not apply to the external protection by SICK described above. When detecting foreign elements, the LMS laser detector can switch on lighting, which deters potential burglars. Furthermore, the dome camera receives local coordinates of the laser detectors. If persons enter the camera’s field of vision, it pans to their position, detecting their number as well as their appearance. If the camera detects several persons, the dome camera pans back and forth between them – according to specific and defined variables. Nobody escapes the laser detector.


Window protection of a house

Thus, the external protection system for private use made by SICK generates an alarm signal before the burglar intrudes. The LTS400 featuring the laser detectors is a reliable monitoring system for building security, which – once installed – will become active after closing time only in case of a break-in, preventing surprises at the break of dawn. The system should see private persons sleep much more soundly.

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