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In addition to optimal security engineering function, the aesthetic design plays a major role. What is needed is a high-quality architectural desgin that style compliant as possible adds in a given setting.

A private residence somewhere in Germany: Tasteful and cozy living atmosphere in the spacious living and reading area. The equipment in dark wood with ornaments. The classic, rustic design of the flooring and seating is decent, but of recognizable high quality. A high quality in every detail styled interior.

But the fine wooden wall shelf design reveals no means that security technology is used and also the use of massive security elements.

Here I became  attention to a company that is provider of technology products and system solutions based on a wood-based, ecologically sustainable material called Delignit ProtectTools 2.0.
In addition to a variety of high quality properties such as tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength, etc., this material also possesses outstanding properties for the security sector:


Pisture: Delignit


  • Bullet-resistant
  • Blast-resistant
  • splitters resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Forced entry resistance



Due to these properties it gives a variety of applications in the field of building security, vehicle security and personal security. The following applications are possible:

  • Banks
  • Hotels (e.g. presidential suites, etc.)
  • Panic rooms
  • Security doors and windows
  • container armoring
  • ship Building
  • perimeter protection
  • and much more.

This „phenolic plywood“ is produced in sheets and can by simple methods such as sawing, milling, etc. are processed. No special machinery is necessary for the processing of the material. Carpentry or other processors is it possible without much effort to edit this material and bring it into the desired shape.

Architectural and joy of each designer, the material is in wood surface available in different variants. Whether in cherry wood with ornament deposits or even simply with beech wood surface – this material allows for any design option.

For more information send me an email:

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Conclusion: An ecological material which possesses security properties, can be easily processed, compared to other materials has a light weight and still allows almost unlimited possibilities in architectural design, is definitely one worth considering.